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Deceased Pets...

Lydia does not work with pets that have crossed over Rainbow Bridge. For decease pets, please email Teresa Wagner at or visit



Lost Pets...

If you have a lost pet, please contact contact Tim Link directly -

Pet Products...

Bunny Luv - All on bunnies
Earth Song Ranch - All Natural Equine, Canine and Feline Supplements, and more!
Patio Pacific Pet Doors
- Liquid Vitamin C for your pets
The Pet Whisperer - Dr. Stephen Blake, DVM - Holistic Vet
Pet Friendly Accomodations Directory - Find a place to live or stay with your animals!

Oxyfresh Pet Products - I am an independent Oxyfresh distributor, and personally use their Animal and People products in my home.

Rhinestone Collars - For a neat homemade rhinestone collar for your pet.
Half Moon Herbal - For your horses.

Loving K-9 Guidance
Earth Song Horse Products
Happy Hoodie- Dog Ear Covers
Pet Liability Insurance

Other Links...

Equine Affaire - The Great American Horse Exposition
Visit Tonya Somers for a wonderful people reading...

Southern California Equestrian Directory
Photonic Light Photonic Torch
Dr. Denice Moffat
My Horse For Sale
California Wildlife Center - Animal Emergency Information
Animalia - Pet Products & Services


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